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Boortz and Tampa

I'm sorry I haven't had the inclination to post about this, but now I will. 

Over the past 18 months or so, WWBA radio in Tampa has been gradually shaving time off of Boortz's show. 

-First it was half an hour for Paul Harvey News & Comment and a local news and comment segment. 

-Then it was an hour for Bill O'Reilly so they could continue to do two hours of O'Reilly and fit Dave Ramsey into the 2-4 slot. 

-Then it was an hour from 9-10 AM to make room for a local guy named Dro Silva.

Well, Boortz has been discontinued on WWBA to make room for Silva.  Those in the Tampa area can listen on .  This is AM 580 out of Orlando which covers the full show and Clark Howard from 1-3.  Or, of course, you can listen on Neal's flagship, WWSB in Atlanta and get the additional 8:30-9 local only segment.

Hopefully another Tampa station, such as maybe 1250 WHNZ will get Boortz back on the air (with a better signal than WWBA's abysmal BIC lighter). 
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