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Okay, now this ought to PISS YOU OFF in a big way:

The California State Senate and State Assembly have BOTH endorsed the
big immigration rally -slash- walkout next Monday (May 1.) As was
expected, the endorsement was voted strictly along party lines. The
Republicans voted against the endorsement, the Democrats voted in
favor. Since the Democrats have the majority in both the Senate and
the Assembly, the endorsements were passed.

In other words, the California Senate and Assembly APPROVE the
walkouts of schoolchildren, employees, etc., across the state of
California next Monday to protest against current immigration laws.

Now, here's the kicker:

On Monday, all the Democrat Senators and Assemblypeople will show up
the State Capitol, and when they step foot on the carpet, they are
automatically listed as "present and accounted for." Then, they will
turn around, exit the Capitol, board planes for Los Angeles, and take
part in the march in downtown themselves!!!

The point of showing up at the Capitol is simple: they get paid their
'per diem' allowance (like a salary) for Monday, as well as the prior
two days (Saturday/Sunday). If they didn't show up Monday, they would
forfeit the allowance for all three days. It amounts to about $500
for all three days, per person.

This money is paid to them TAX FREE.

So, they will ensure that they receive their tax-free money for three
days, fly to LA, and march alongside all these people who are likely
to either not get paid for not working, and/or people who may
actually lose their jobs, on an issue that is contrary to existing laws!

Aren't Democrats special?

Meanwhile, back in Sacramento, the Republicans plan on showing up for
work as usual on Monday. But they cannot actually do anything,
because there won't be enough votes to be counted! There's only a
couple dozen of them (a minority), and for votes to be taken, there
has to be at least 40 or so in attendance (a quorum). Since the Dems
won't be there to vote on anything, no work will be possible! And as
pointed out by one Republican Senator, the state government is so far
behind on its work (especially the budget), they simply cannot afford
delays of any kind.

But Democrats can afford to take time off to march in a rally against
legal immigration, and still get paid for it.

In a funny kick at the Dems, a Republican Senator managed to get up
on the floor today (Friday) and mention that there are many retired senators
who would be willing to do the work of the elected Dem senators, at
half the rate (in the vein of "doing the work Americans won't do").
Or... do the work Democrats won't do (but still get paid for). The
Democrats in attendance were incensed.

Pass this on to your email group(s) and anywhere else. This is
despicable behavior by the Dems of California, and they should not be
allowed to do this unnoticed.

Ganked from bullamakanka via coulter_fans. X-posted to my journal.
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